Real Brides

Real Exquisite Brides 

Come one, come all and I’ll tell you the tale of a magical fairy wedding planner and how she turned pumpkins into golden carriages for these real exquisite brides.

Our exquisite valentine’s bride, Sherene glowed in her beautiful off the shoulder gown. It was an absolute pleasure planning her wedding and executing her decor.

Our sweet demure Jordiann.  An absolute joy to work with.

Vivacious Sasha holds a special place in our hearts, she was our first exquisite bride and the first to have a custom made dress. This dress was specially ordered for her. She knew what she wanted and was very happy with her dress when it arrived.

 The beautiful Kayon visited us all the way from Manchester; She was very happy with her selection.

What can we say about our exquisite bride Marsha? She has a smile that lights up a whole room and the personality to match. Look at that glow!

Our exquisite bride Kimberley came to us all the way from Linstead in St. Catherine. She came to her fitting alone and was elated with her dress, she started glowing the minute she slipped it on.  I’m sure hubby Kiaf was very pleased as well.

Our exquisite bride Sabrina brings a smile to my face each time I think of her. Her group has been the most comedic to ever walk through our doors.  They had me in stitches on each visit. She was a vision in her gown which was adjusted down as she insisted that was her dress. I must say she was right on the mark.

Julian had a hard time choosing a gown,  She fell in love with all that she tried on and wanted them all. Her final choice was beautiful and Dad is beaming with pride next to her.

Annastasia was exquisite in her custom made off the shoulder gown.  She wasn’t very happy when her gown arrived because was too big, however after our seamstress worked her magic, she was as happy as a lark.

Sanna Shae absolutely loved her gown, and if she needed anymore convincing that this was the dress for her then the tears from her friend at her fitting erased them all. She just couldn’t stop  smiling. I’m sure hubby Lorenzo was quite pleased as well.

Meet exquisite Karnelia, her exact words were : ” I want something simple and elegant” and we delivered exactly what she wanted.  Bottom photo is just because I love this capture.

Donna choose this ivory ruffled number for her 25th anniversary vow renewal. She looked gorgeous as the dress complimented all her curves.

It’s a family affair.  Racquel is the second one in the family to become an Exquisite bride. Following in the footsteps of her sister Danielle. She was glowing on her special day.

Our exquisite bride Monique loved this dress but was concerned about the length, our seamstress worked her usual magic and the results… A beaming bride on her wedding day!

Soft-spoken with a sweet smile. Our exquisite bride Sheree wanted a dress that was beautiful and modest as she wasn’t comfortable with exposing too much of her body. She was very happy with her choice.

Roxanne loved the fit of her dress however she felt it was lacking something; we decided to add some bling under the bust and around the neckline and she was over the moon.  After we added her veil and jewelry it was a done deal. Her bother was proud to escort her down the aisle to her future husband.

Our sweet bride Ashley. she

was a joy to work with. Her

custom headpiece was her

something borrowed from

our boutique.

Our Exquisite bride Camille

did a happy dance when she

found her dress. She was very

delighted with her choice.

Doesn’t Leonie  look

absolutely stunning in her

strapless mermaid gown?. 

Shevani was absolutely beautiful in her satin mermaid gown with silver lace details.

Our Exquisite bride Stacy- Ann

 in her ruffled mermaid gown.

Our Exquisite bride Simone was

absolutely in love with her gown.